The new ELENAREVA collection explores one of the most interesting periods of history - the ancient Trypillian culture, which existed on the territory of modern Ukraine. Under the influence of a civilization that is about 7 thousand years old, the designer Olena Reva placed signs and symbols, sacred to the pagan beliefs of the people of Trypillia, in the center of the collection.

The most famous symbol of the sun and the continuity of existence, which is found on numerous Trypillian pottery, was developed together with the artist Lina Nechipolina. A subtle red hue print featuring an endless circle was placed on butter colored silk dresses, shirts, trousers and skirts. A group of black items made of costume fabric are complemented by ancient Trypillian patterns cut by a laser - in such a way minimalist sculptural forms acquire a new look and meaning.

The cult of women and worship of female energy and motherhood, which existed in Trypillian culture, was reflected in the ELENAREVA collection in feminine silhouettes, delicate accents in the bust area and bare collarbones. The iconic bustiers this time are made in several variations: on thin straps and with long sleeves and elegant drapery. And the traditional three-piece suits in the SS'23 collection are presented in soft blue and milky colors.

The central theme of the ancient sign language is continued in the accessory line. The Trypillian symbol of peace appears on handkerchiefs. And earrings and pendants are decorated with ornaments - signs of coziness and family warmth.

"The graphic language of the Trypillian civilization is very powerful and endowed with a special essence and energy. We want not only to show this ancient spiritual tradition, but also to focus attention on the fact that the most important things in life - family, home, peace and harmony - remain the same even after thousands of years. And the connection of generations and the heritage of our ancestors is an endless source of study and inspiration", - Olena Reva describes the collection.