The ELENAREVA brand presents FW 22/23 collection where the stream of life and its continuous changes are symbolized by water. The continuous flow of the modern dynamic world or the unhurried flow which accompanies internal dialogue and connection with oneself - water is always associated with renewal, movement and the source of life.

The collection was created in collaboration with Anatoly Belov, who designed the print for the collection. The artist, inspired by the marine theme, depicted jellyfish on a black background using white ink. “When I found out that the main idea of ​​the collection was water, I immediately imagined jellyfish. I read that jellyfish are the most ancient creatures on Earth and can live forever. It's impressive. And I also like that with their external plasticity, airiness and perfection of outlines, they are unsafe and can pose a serious threat. This combination is mesmerizing,” says the artist. This symbol of calmness and constant movement at the same time was placed on dresses and a corset made of silk.

Elena Reva plunges headlong into the world of sophisticated lines and shapes suggested by nature. Experimenting with materials leads to unexpected textures. By compressing and draping knitted fabric, the designer gives it a new look, proving that an elegant dress can be comfortable. Masterfully crafted corsets with stitched structural stripes are reminiscent of the uneven relief of shells. And the fringe - as a continuation of these stripes or as an independent decorative element - evokes associations with the tentacles of jellyfish.

In the collection a design technique that has already become a signature for ELENAREVA is also used. Dresses and bodysuits are adorned by twisted stretches of fabric, creating the right accents and showing that even water can take on clear and tangible forms.

Creating the FW 22/23 collection, the brand worked with familiar fabrics - silk, cashmere and  wool. To convey the smooth flow of water, a new material was used - butterknit fabric, which creates delicate draperies. And the sequins on the voluminous jacket and pencil skirt refer to the sea surface shimmering in the sun.

The color palette of the collection includes all shades of the underwater world, from emerald and turquoise to lavender, sandy beige and golden brown.

Exploring the nature of sensuality and femininity, Elena Reva refers to water as the closest element to these concepts. Soft and flowing, changing its shape and direction, dissolving and relaxing - even the calmest waters have powerful strength and energy.