ELENAREVA is a womenswear brand founded in Kyiv in 2012 by Elena Reva.

From the very beginning, ELENAREVA has a strong woman-centered design approach. Inspired by women's energy, power and unique beauty, Elena Reva creates a refined wardrobe built on modern lifestyle and everyday needs. 

The concept of luxury essentials provides both elegant occasionwear, sharp-tailored suits and staples with no expiration date. At the core of the brand's identity lies sophisticated clothes like silk dresses and corsets for special occasions or the days when there's no need for exceptional events to feel exceptional. Sculptural corsets and perfect bustier tops are the signature ELENAREVA pieces which highlight femininity and tenderness. While celebrating women's magnetic sensuality and confidence, the designer pays attention to impeccable construction and noble fabrics. 

"From season to season we focus on the inner sense of being a woman, her authenticity, intelligence and singularity to create clothes which meet woman's nature and vision of today's comfort and chic", - Elena Reva says.

ELENAREVA brand is widely-known for its collaborations with Ukrainian artists who develop prints for the collections. In such a way Elena Reva supports the contemporary art scene and gives the brand's pieces a distinctive artistic touch.