Fitted blazer dress in blackFitted blazer dress in black
On sale

Fitted blazer dress in black

9,471 UAH 18,942 UAH
Black mini bustier dressBlack mini bustier dress
On sale

Black mini bustier dress

24,395 UAH 25,158 UAH
Apricot silk midi dressApricot silk midi dress
On sale

Apricot silk midi dress

11,316 UAH 22,591 UAH
Pink twisted jersey midi dressPink twisted jersey midi dress
On sale

Pink twisted jersey midi dress

7,913 UAH 15,826 UAH
Black draped jersey midi dressBlack draped jersey midi dress
On sale

Black draped jersey midi dress

7,093 UAH 14,145 UAH
Blue silk bustier midi dressBlue silk bustier midi dress
Sold out

Blue silk bustier midi dress

13,705 UAH 24,410 UAH
Black chiffon midi dressBlack chiffon midi dress
On sale

Black chiffon midi dress

17,343 UAH 34,686 UAH
Wool dress with silk inserts in milkWool dress with silk inserts in milk
On sale
Silk printed dress with sleevesSilk printed dress with sleeves
On sale

Silk printed dress with sleeves

13,571 UAH 27,142 UAH
Wool midi dress knittedWool midi dress knitted
On sale

Wool midi dress knitted

5,904 UAH 11,808 UAH
Dress with sequinsDress with sequins
Sold out

Dress with sequins

10,168 UAH 20,336 UAH
Midi dress limeMidi dress lime
On sale

Midi dress lime

11,685 UAH 23,370 UAH
Midi dress with bustier topMidi dress with bustier top
Sold out

Midi dress with bustier top

16,048 UAH 22,927 UAH
Mini dressMini dress
On sale

Mini dress

14,760 UAH 29,520 UAH
Bustier dress oliveBustier dress olive
On sale

Bustier dress olive

18,409 UAH 30,545 UAH
Polka-dot midi dress
On sale

Polka-dot midi dress

19,188 UAH 38,335 UAH