"O earth, appear to me." From memories and great stories, from hard work and lightheartedness, from warmth and tears, the native land gives birth to its boundless treasures. The indomitable strength and generosity of our land became the basis of the new AW'23 ELENAREVA collection.

The ELENAREVA collection's dedication to the earth, from which life grows, is reflected in the flower print and embroidered quotes by the body artist Maria Fedorivna. Thus, images of irises and the writings "O earth, appear to me", "My earth, lead me", "Mother is my earth" and others appear on jackets, blouses and dresses. Such floral drawings were depicted on old Ukrainian jugs, and irises themselves were associated with a symbol of courage and fearlessness.

In the darkest times, when a fierce struggle for every piece of territory continues, realization of our roots and connection with past generations strengthens the spirit and desire for freedom. Olena Reva builds her dialogue with the ancestors around pieces woven in the macramé technique - dresses, skirts and tops. "Clothes created by hand are a source of special warmth and a tribute to ancient craftsmanship - now we have to preserve our cultural heritage and extend its life for future generations," says the designer.

A true film anthem of Ukrainian character and worldview - Oleksandr Dovzhenko's "Earth" - Elena Reva rethought with her own signature touches. The designer demonstrates the balance between feminine softness and steadfastness with the iconic ELENAREVA items - sculptural bustier dresses and athletic-looking corsets. The play between outer fragility and inner strength continues in silhouette-
defining draped black and sand dresses and monumental palazzo pants.

The theme of the earth is followed in the color scheme of the ELENAREVA collection as well. Black draped dresses and corsets are changed into sandy gray two-piece suits and coats. Hot yellow silk and soft powder-colored micro-oil fabric
resemble shades of clay soils. 

"Ukrainian land feeds the continents and now, more than ever, needs our attention and care. For centuries, it became the cause of violent uprisings, saved our ancestors at different times, and became a powerful symbol. With this collection, we want to remind once again about the value and power of our native land", - Olena Reva describes the idea of the collection.