SS17 Runaway


ELENAREVA womenswear brand presents a new spring-summer 2017 collection having set forest and its mystical beauty as its core theme. ‘Setting her foot into the forest, my heroine becomes the integral part of it, she gains the sence of her true and natural mission in this world’, — Elena Reva, the designer, explains her concept. ‘I’m telling about the woman filled with vital energy, easygoing and sexy at the same time. Her inhale is equal to her exhale, her inner shine brightens up the woods.’ In her work, Elena Reva often seeks inspiration in the world of art, and she collaborates with the modern artists on a regular basis. S/S 2017 collection rhymes with Michelangelo Antonioni’s Beyond the Clouds movie and the primitive manner of Henri Rousseau’s French post-impressionist paintings. Rousseau’s lightness and subconscious enigma, encoded in his surreal images of thick florals, the elegance of the actresses in Beyond the Clouds and Antonioni’s ability to deliver the in-depth sense of the visual narrative and the elaborate wordings the actors pronounce inspired Elena.