Elena Reva in her collections traditionally explores different aspects of feminine nature. This time the attention focus falls on the duality theme, without which it is impossible to imagine reflections on the contemporary individual.
FW17 collection is a metaphor for the never-ending internal dialogue that is a rarity compass to reconciliation of our own desires and our vector of development. In the continuous confrontation of irrational impulses and quite rational needs the energy is born, the feeling of life itself. Time after time, we try to understand and explain it, give some comprehensible definitions to the phenomena around us, yet repeatedly encounter the duality of everything – when femininity reveals itself on the contrast to masculinity, and tenderness sometimes is harder than the steel and much stronger than violence. Our usual reality is unreal.
We can trace the motif of duality in every piece of the new FW17 collection. Traditional for ELENAREVA bustier in the new season are made of the classic men's suit fabrics, and airy silk neighbors the utilitarian denim; a discreet tuxedo transforms into a sensual evening gown.