Designer Elena Reva continues telling the story of female power and in the new season appeals to the large historical figure of Olga Kobylianska, the Ukrainian writer, skillful horse rider and bright emancipated woman. Using the elements of the biography and the work of the writer, the designer turns her work on the collection into a game with archetypes - she finds smart rhymes between women's and men's wardrobe. For the series of delicate lingerie dresses with intricate lacing and elegant bustier tops Reva adds formal two-piece suits, dramatic palazzo trousers and athletic-looking corsets which can be worn over jackets and dresses. The designer transforms the traditional Ukrainian plakhta into minimalistic wrap skirts which can be worn over trousers or culottes, as well as voluminous peplum belts with draperies.
Faithful to the feminine motifs of her collections Reva uses delicate laces and subtly cites the elements of lingerie - tempting bras become a constructive part of the dresses and tops. Evening outfits are made of flowing silk and viscose in monochrome black and white version and in light lemon shade. White edelweiss blossoms bloom on a lilac silk. Textile artist Lina Nechipolina created a graphic print in the form of Kobylianska's favorite flower - a symbol of love and fidelity. This is how ELENAREVA brand sees her heroine in the new season - like the writer's heroines she is brave, independent, sincere and sensual.