ELENAREVA Spring-Summer 2020 collection is a manifesto to contemporary femininity free of exaggeration and external redundancy. Designer Elena Reva looks for the inspiration in the one-act ballet "Bella Figura" by Jiří Kylián, who deconstructs academic canons and offers the audience to enjoy the dance itself, avoiding distracting elements such as costumes or decorations. Same as Kylián, Elena Reva avoids rules and academism in SS20 collection, focusing on easy shapes and humble color palette. Black and white lightweight fabrics are combined with bright splashes of baby pink and blood orange.Flowing silk is used to add an ultimate volume to the volant dresses and skirts. Satin textured jacketsand shorts balance the playful mood of the collection.
Designer refers to the Baroque and presents draped and tied tops, decorated with bows and gathers,
which denude the most intimate parts of woman body and brings the modern sensuality to the collection. To
balance this category Elena Reva comes up with monolithic long sleeve dresses, made of printed silk as part of
her collaboration with modern Ukrainian artist Anatoly Belov. Within SS20 collection Elena Reva attempts to prove, that femininity of the new age is modest and moderate. Modern sexuality comes from the inside and becomes the intimate way of personal enjoyment.